LCAP Delivers Letter to Canada House in London, U.K.

Members of the London Coalition Against Poverty delivered a letter today to the Canadian Embassy in solidarity with Ivan Apaolaza Sancho,
who is to be deported from Canada tomorrow. With signs saying 'no deportation to torture', supporters entered the Canada House in
London' s Trafalgar square and asked to speak to the High Commissioner. In some time, the head of Public Affairs, Stewart
Wheeler, came into the lobby and listened to the demands of the organization. After appearing to listen to the story of Ivan, Wheeler
said that he would personally fax the letter to the department of Foreign Affairs and send confirmation to LCAP once he sent the letter.

Our thoughts are with Ivan today, as we stand in solidarity with him, his family and friends. We affirm, once again, that deportation is
unacceptable, and that deportation to torture is utterly abhorrent and immoral. We are disgusted by the government of Canada for dictating
the fate and deporting people to torture from a land that is not even theirs to begin with.


The London Coalition Against Poverty